A couple things to note about our rug samples:

  • All 1' x 1' rug samples are individually made; they are not cut from a corner of a large rug. Therefore, every rug sample for a particular style is identical.

  • The pattern is scaled down so that we may fit as much as possible on the 1' x 1' size, so it should not be used for design reference. On the back, you will find a full color picture displaying the full design or you may check our website for pattern and scaling reference

  • Samples can be used for color reference since every color in the rug will be represented. However, the exact tones or shades in your rug may vary slightly based on dye lot.

  • Due to the cost of shipping, 1'x1' rug samples are not returnable. We encourage you to share extra samples with friends and family, keep the samples for future decorating projects, or donate them to local pre-schools who love to use them as floor mats.

Rug Samples

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