Determining the ideal rug size and construction type for your space is not an exact science. The type of room and furniture placement will factor into your decision. We suggest leaving an equal amount of flooring exposed on all sides of the room. The first step is to always measure the floor, and not rely on a visual "eyeball" of the space. A 5’x 8’ rug will look very different dimensionally on a rug rack or displayed in a showroom than it will in your home.

What’s your room arrangement?

Choose a room layout and measure for your new rug based on the space you’d like to fill. Here are some sample layouts that may work for your space.

8' x 10' rug
10' x 14' rug
9' x 9' round rug

When selecting a room size rug for the dining room, you need to measure the length and width of your table. Don’t forget to include the table leaf if you use it frequently.

Allow at least 24" to 30" of rug beyond the tabletop on each side. This ensures chairs can be moved in and out, and that all seating rests on the rug once the meal is served.

For visual interest, a round rug is a great choice for either a round or square table. Use the guide above to determine the best size rug for your dining room.

If you need a larger rug, please contact us for more details.

5' x 8' rug
8' x 10' rug
9' x 13' rug

When selecting a room size rug, allow 12" to 18" of floor as a border around the rug. In small rooms, you can leave less floor showing.

In a very large or open-concept rooms, consider using two different, but complimentary, rugs to define each seating area.

Your rug should anchor your furniture. Furniture legs may be placed on or off the rug. Use the guide above to explore options.

Allow room for heating vents to be clear or doorways so doors open freely.

An 8' x 10' rug brings together most furniture groupings nicely. Custom sizes are available, please contact us for complete details on our custom rug program.

two 3' x 5' rugs
3' x 5' rug
8' x 10' rug
10' x 14' rug

When selecting a rug for the bedroom, it’s always nice to start your day with a step or two on our rugs. Use the guide above to determine the best options based on the room layout and your needs.

If you need a larger rug, custom sizes are available

If you have two twin beds in the same room, a 3’x 5’ rug or runner between the beds is always a great choice.

To be sure the door can open and close over the rug, consider the thickness or pile height of the rug.

If it’s a long hallway, consider using two 8 ft runners.


Custom sizes are available. Please contact us for complete details on our custom rug program.

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How much traffic and use does the room get?

Kitchens and hallways with heavy foot traffic demand a durable rug, while bedrooms and dining rooms experience less routine daily wear and exposure to moisture.

High Traffic

Includes hallways, family rooms, entryways, kitchens and bathrooms

Medium Traffic

Includes living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, and kids’ rooms

Low Traffic

Includes bedrooms and formal living & dining rooms


Hand-woven soumak rugs feature intricate wool construction which provides pliable strength and luxurious softness while producing a unique chain-stitched appearance. Soumak rugs are the perfect choice if you want to create a more textured look—think earthy and rustic.

Jacquard-woven rugs feature a lustrous design crafted in all wool or sometimes in a wool and viscose combination.

A true study in texture and tone, hand jacquard-woven rugs are an elegant addition to your dressy spaces on their own, or when layered with another complimenting foundation rug in medium to low traffic locations.


Hand-tufted wool rugs are crafted by loops of wool that are pushed through a backing imprinted with the rug’s overall design. These loops are then sheared to create the pile. Hand-tufted rugs are well suited for medium-high to high traffic rooms. Initially prone to shedding, excess wool fibers will subside after about 10-15 vacuums, followed years of beauty and durable service.

Naturally stronger than wool, hand-tufted jute rugs are the perfect choice for all your interior high-traffic areas. Jute rugs are resilient to shedding and are tufted to create the perfect pile density for both mountain and coastal climates.

Luxurious under foot, hand-tufted bamboo viscose rugs are crafted and sheared exactly like our hand-tufted wool designs. However, hand-tufted bamboo viscose rugs are intended for dressier spaces, and are best placed in bed rooms and more formal living rooms. Cashmere for the floor, these rugs shimmer and are deeply hued for a truly designer look in low traffic rooms.


Hand-loomed rugs are typically found in our striped hand made rug designs and are best suited for medium and low traffic areas like the living room or bedroom.


Hand-knotted wool rugs are skillfully crafted with intricate designs and patterns. Known for their exquisite beauty, impeccable durability and fine craftsmanship, our all-natural wool hand-knotted rugs are true masterpieces for your floor. In its final stage, each rug is washed to bring out the color variations of the fine wool yarns. Hand-Knotted rugs are well suited to medium to low traffic rooms.


Hand-hooked wool rugs are a great choice for all levels of traffic. Our hand-hooked rugs feature a lower pile. Composed of small loops, they have a needlepoint-like appearance, and a lower profile than tufted designs. Hand-hooked wool rugs are less prone to shedding.


Digitally-printed wool & nylon rugs use state-of-the-art printing techniques to create vintage designs at great prices. These machine made rugs are well suited for all levels of traffic.

Hand-Hooked Indoor/Outdoor

Perfect for a covered porch or patio, mudroom, kitchen or playroom. Made from 100% polypropylene yarns which are moisture and stain resistant, hand-hooked indoor/outdoor rugs are even great options for bathrooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Flatweaves

Our 100% polyester flatweave rugs have no pile and are made from recycled plastic bottles. Perfect for the deck, kitchen, mudroom, or any high-traffic location, these rugs are fully reversible for years of durable good looks and easy care. are even great options for bathrooms.

What color are your walls and furniture?

If your living room is vivid and eclectic, try a neutral, monochromatic or textural rug to provide a visual anchor. If walls are plain, or to make a basic furniture pop, a patterned vibrant rug is the right choice.

Art for the Floor

Open concept homes present interesting challenges that are easily overcome by using complimentary rugs, in similar color palettes that feature different designs and textures for a cohesive look in adjacent spaces.

Versatile Neutrals

A neutral rug forms a solid foundation when you want to layer on rich textures, patterns or colors. If you have bright colored walls or patterned furniture, a neutral rug will tie it altogether.

Textural Solids

A singular colored rug complements patterned upholstered furniture by grounding it in a primary color. In a bedroom, try matching the rug to the secondary color in a patterned duvet or quilt.

Why use a rug pad?

Along with preventing your rug from slipping, a pad will add another layer of comfort and help protect your rug and floors for years.

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